Special Mentions

To my Favorite Teacher


You taught me to not doubt myself, especially in this class I have loved since I took it during the CTE Rotation my freshman year. Thank you for giving me something to love and to pursue with all my heart. I never knew a teacher who would help me so much in everything that I’ve done and support my crazy ideas full heartedly. This year has been crazy, but it was the best year of my school life because, for once, I had a reason to come back everyday and try my hardest. I know this page wasn’t required and I know it’s random for a digital media portfolio, but I couldn’t say goodbye without doing it properly. I get the feeling you are going to see my name on Edmodo and skip over it, considering how often you used me as the example in class, but I still have a small bit of hope you’ll get curious and end up here. I guess this is a little unorthodox and probably not my best writing on this website, but I really am going to miss your class and you teaching it. Thank you, mad Shad, because you are the only teacher I can truly say was ever my favorite and because you never doubted me. Anyone who actually knew what it was like to be a productive student in your class is going to miss you and I hope you have an awesome life because it will be a disappointment to us all if the crazy computer teacher turned into a boring old man!