As a worker in the digital field, it can be vital to understand and be able to use multiple programs for the same project. For this reason, I have become familiar with many digital editing programs, including Photoshop, FinalCut Pro, Adobe Premiere, SAIPaintTool, and Wondershare Filmora.


Photoshop, verb, to alter(a photographic image) digitally using Photoshop image-editing software. Noun, a program used to alter(a photographic image) digitally. The number one tool for drawing, editing, and manipulating pictures is Photoshop. In our online world, the best know piece of software is Photoshop, even people who are not well-versed in in media production and digital editing know, relatively, what Photoshop is. It has become its own term for a picture that has been modified or changed in some way digitally. The banner for this website was created in Photoshop and you can look through my Graphic Design Assignments for more information and my other projects done in Photoshop.

FinalCut Pro

 FinalCut Pro is a video editing program and is my person favorite for that exact purpose. It is an easy to use mainframe and has all of its features in the open where they can easily be found. This is the program I used to make the Door Project video and the Doritos Commercial video (screen shot progress shown to the right).


Adobe Premiere Pro CS6

While I prefer FinalCut to Premiere, this program is still important to at least have basic knowledge of.  It has a more spread out mainframe that can be confusing when you first start exploring, but it also has many in-depth processes that are not supported by FinalCut, including its compatibility with other Adobe products, which is not possible in FinalCut. It also has a similar layout to other Adobe programs such as Illustrator and After Effects.


Adobe After Effects CS6

I have only used After Effects for a short time, working on a revamped logo animation for Coconino Panther TV, but I have found it is incredibly straight forward once you understand the basics of the program. Using time stamps and effects has made me used to the slightly complicated layout that seems rather intimidating when you start working with it, especially when you are learning it on your own without teacher guidance.



Motion is yet another animation program I have learned to use. This one, however, is connected to FinalCut, not the Adobe programs. It is very similar to FinalCut Pro, though its layout is much different. I have made several animations on this program and find it easy to use when you know the basics, though I would recommend finding a tutorial video before diving in. I did not use this for my Panther TV animation because I wanted to do more with the animation than I could figure out how to with Motion.



SAI is what I use to draw with. While Photoshop is good for fixing pictures and Illustrator is good for logos, SAI is the best program I’ve found for making Digital drawings such as the ones on my aside bar. Every picture on my aside was drawn by me in SAI. While the program can be frustrating at times and there are things you can do in Photoshop you can’t do in SAI, such as add text, I would never be able to change from using the program.


Wondershare Filmora

I started using Filmora at home to make fun little personal videos because I’m a video editing nerd. As it stands, my favorite is still FinalCut, but because I have a Windows computer at home, I was not able to download it for at home use. I found Filmora through a friend and they recommended it and now all of my personal videos are made through it.


Hard and Soft Skills

  • I have learned to elaborate further on topics
  • My spelling and grammar has improved
  • I have learned how to use many new techniques and how to learn to use programs
  • I have become more collaborative
  • I can now utilize my leadership skills more effectively
  • I have opened up to new idea