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Skull’s Tattoos Logos

Adobe Illustrator Practice Skull’s Tattoos

For practice in Adobe Illustrator, the last concept we needed to go over this year (2017), We were asked to create three different logos for a tattoo parlor whose theme was skulls.

My first design was a simple red and black skull on a black background with white, slightly curved text. I used a free, downloaded font called Lina Script Dot Demo. I used the rounded rectangle tool for the background and simply filled it in black. I curved the text by making an envelope in the Selection tool and bending it to what I wanted. The skull I downloaded free from and the font I downloaded from

My second design was a little more complicated. I downloaded another skull, from the same website, and changed the colors. I took out the original black, changed the teeth color to black with a yellow, 1 px stroke and the rest of the white area to yellow. I used two different fonts, both downloaded through 1001 free fonts, called Black Dahlia (Skulls and Parlor) and Last Draft(Tattoo). I used the Ellipse Tool to create a red oval for the background. I used the Artboard to crop down the picture slightly. I downloaded everything from the sources sited above.

My last design was my personal favorite, both to make and aesthetics wise. I downloaded yet another skull vector and deleted the white, changing the now blank areas to red and dark orange. I used the font Black Dahlia again, as it seemed to fit with the main picture, and used the Ellipse Tool to make the black, ovoid background. I downloaded everything from the sources sited above.



Students have been working in Adobe Illustrator, they have been instructed in the basic operation of the program. Creating new files, navigating the workspace, importing and outlining art, determining output formats as well as the use of various tools. For this assignment, students will create (3) variations of a logo for a fictitious company called Skulls Tattoo shop. These logos must contain at least (1) piece of skull art (downloaded and retraced in Illustrator) and one font (downloaded from the internet).


What I Learned

I learned how to add and manipulate layers in Illustrator, how to use the Pen and Direct Selection Tools, how to curve text, how to download and manipulate free online vectors, and how to download free online fonts. I also learned about logo making and how to make a pleasing logo with a description given of the company.


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