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Girl in the Park

Photoshop Assignment #3

For our third Photoshop assignment, we were asked to fix and change a picture of a woman in a park. We took out the watermarks, moved her, cropped to a shape, and changed the background from a park to a beach.

Original and Moved


We, first, had to take out the original watermarks (marks placed over top pictures for copyright protection) and move her. For this we used the Spot Healing Brush, Quick Selection, Pen, Cloning Stamp, and Content Aware Tools. The Spot Healing Brush fixes small blemishes on pictures by copying nearby pixels on the picture. The Quick Selection Tool allows you to select specific parts of the picture and is closely related to the Magic Wand Tool. The Pen Tool allows you to make exact selection areas and manipulate them. The Cloning Stamp clones the selected pixels and will paste the cloned area over the area you brush over with it. Finally, the Content Aware Tool takes the surrounding pixels to your selection and blends them, which made it obsolete in this project as we could have a cleaner move using simple selections.


Shaped Cropping

For the second part, we had to crop the picture into a shape. I chose to crop her face into an oval. I accomplished this using the Elliptical Marque and Crop Tools. The Elliptical Marque Tool allows you to select in specific shapes, such as squares, circles, ovals, and curved edged squares. I used the Crop Tool to better center the picture after deleting the background outside of my desired selection. To delete the rest of the picture, I simply inverted the selection and deleted what I didn’t want. I saved it as a PNG file to preserve the transparent background.


Changing the Background

The last part of this project before putting the different pictures together was to change the background to a beach scene. I used the Quick Selection and Crop Tools to preform this. I simply selected the woman and deleted the background. I then added in the beach picture and cropped the picture down when I put it into the collage above so it could better fit.


Final Collage

Finally, we had to put the pictures into a collage. I resized the photos, added in text with various effects, and messed with the coloring and placement of the pictures.


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