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Personal Videos


Yami tribute, a simple wish (2013)
Yu gi oh funny pictures! (2013)
Don’t call Edward Elric small (2013)
Yuri on Ice Little do You Know (2017)
Never Underestimate the Overwatch Girls (2017)






















My favorite part of doing digital media is making videos. I originally started making videos in 2013 using the slideshow feature of YouTube and its library of royalty free music. As I came into the knowledge of editing programs online, I started using them to make short videos for family members and as gifts. When I gained access to Final Cut Pro my freshman year of high school, I started using that and fell in love with the interface. Of course, at home, I did not have an Apple computer, thus could not get Final Cut Pro at home. This limited me to making videos solely at school, which was not my intent. I found a similar program called Videoshare Filmora that I could download onto my computer in 2017. It was a cheap, one time payment and I am able to use it for the rest of my computer’s life. I am now happily using Filmora for personal videos.


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