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Youtube Banners

YouTube Banner: Linzey Koch

In this project, we were asked to create several original YouTube channel art banners in Adobe Photoshop CS6.

I used two different designs for the banners: A photo inside text and text over a photo.

Photo Inside of Text

In order to put the picture inside of the text, I first started with a 2560 x 424 px, or 35.563 x 5.89 in., canvas. After changing the background color to black using the paint bucket tool, I needed to put in my picture I wanted my text to be. Instead of dragging and dropping in my forest picture I chose, I instead went to File and then down to Place so that I could preserve the resolution of the picture more easily. Once the picture was resized to the proper dimensions, I created a text layer that simply said “Linzey Koch”, or, rather, my user name. I changed the text color to white and selected the letters with the Magic Wand tool. Going back to my picture layer, I cut out the selection (command X on Mac) and turned off the text layer so that I could see only the black layer under my picture. Deleting my picture layer, I pasted (command V on Mac) the cut out portion of the picture. After this, I could resize the now picture filled text to the proper size and, using the fx feature in Photoshop, added a black stroke and a beveled edge to make it stand out further. I added a background of another picture I thought would look nice and saved it as a JPEG file on my computer Desktop for easy access.


Text on Top of Photo

I again started with a canvas sized to 2560 x 424 px and changed my background color to black. I inserted a picture of a bust and, using the Magnetic Lasso tool and Eraser, cut it out of its original white background so I only had the picture I intended to use. I also found a picture of a light bulb and gave it a broken looking affect using the Pen tool to cut out a portion of its top. Again using the fx feature, I put a small stroke around the light bulb and an outer glow for a better affect. I then added a text layer spelling out my user name. I added a glow to this text layer and a slight stroke. Under all the other layers, I added in a background picture and saved it as a JPEG to my Desktop.


Putting into YouTube

Youtube does not like it when you don’t have your dimensions as the recommended. Thus, I had to change my desired banners dimensions to 2560 x 1440 px. Instead of changing image size as was recommended, I changed the canvas size as to not mess with my picture. I added a black background and put an outer glow and bevel on my picture to make it look intentional.


Elements and Principles of Design

In the first two banners, I used primarily bright colors, more natural ones in the first and neon ones in the second. On my third banner, I kept a lot of the darker colors to better endorse the few things that were brightly colored, such as the planet and light bulb. For all of them, I balanced the text in the middle, along with the main points of focus in 2 and 3. Using the fx options, I made the text stand out against the pictures behind them so it was easier to read and I kept the colors complimentary rather than harsh against one another.


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