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One Minute Adobe Premiere Vs. Final Cut Pro

For our first video project, a simple 1 minute video about whatever we wanted, I created a video about the female olympic gymnast team. The two videos, one in Adobe Premiere and the other in Final Cut, were required to have at least two different bits of text, at least one transition, and at least five source clips. It was only allowed to be one minute long, no longer or shorter, and needed some kind of music going over the b-roll of film from your topic. I chose the song “Little Game” by Benny.

My source videos were “Olympics 2016 Rio gymnastics fails & falls montage“, “Best Olympics gymnastics moments Rio 2016“, “WORLD’S BEST Gymnast Simone Biles – Olympics 2016! (MUST WATCH!)“, “Meet The Incredible Gymnasts Representing USA For 2016 Rio Olympics“, “Olympics – US Women’s Gymnastics Team Wins Gold“, and “Olympic Gymnastics Trials – Gabby Douglas Scores A 15.250 On Uneven Bars“, all found at
Final Cut

Adobe Premiere


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