anime-girlsMy name is Linzey Koch and I am working to become a Digital Media specialist.

This website is a portfolio depicting all of my work pertaining to my high school digital media class. “Digital Media” is best defined as, “audio, video, and photo content that has been encoded (digitally compressed) and can be easily manipulated, distributed, and rendered (played) by computers, and is easily transmitted over computer networks after it has been encoded.” This portfolio contains Home, Skills, Projects, and Contact pages, along with extra pages pertaining to specific topics, such as specific projects I have completed. The point of this portfolio is to be able to access my old projects and to track my progress as a student working toward a job in the digital media field. This requires many skills in digital programs and online knowledge of coding and basic understanding of advertising. In this portfolio, I have all of my works, including my personal projects and school work. I will continue to update my website despite the recent discovery that my digital media teacher, Dean Shaddy, will no longer be teaching this class.